Limtronik is a full service contract manufacturer, basically an Integrator/Assembler, specializing in electro-mechanical assemblies including box builds, control panels, battery storage systems, inverter sub-assemblies, wiring, and general product integrations. We work in a variety of industries, and build-to-spec or build-to-print. We are a UL508A shop and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our services include supply chain management, engineering and design work, prototyping, full-scale production, testing, logistical solutions, and after-sales support.


Opportunities for Success in Contract Manufacturing:

“There are many opportunities for success. We have taken a holistic approach at reviewing our company. We have implemented a continuous improvement culture, creating teams to look at various internal processes in order to streamline operations and enhance our customers’ experience. While at the same time, we continue to diversify and look at new industries and products. Our goal is to be more than just a supplier. We want to be a true partner looking for ways to reduce costs and help our customers’ grow market share.” – Steve Rolin, General Manager, Limtronik


A Word of Advice for Early-Stage Cleantech Entrepreneurs:

“Partner with a contract manufacturer early in the process as a CM can provide valuable insights in the design of the product for ease of manufacturability, A CM can also relieve the prototyping/manufacturing burden for many companies allowing them to focus on their core business. Ultimately you want to find a CM that will grow the relationship in a transparent and honest way.”


Exciting Advancements in the Next 3-5 Years:

“We’re excited to grow with our customers and get to the next level as a company. There are a lot of opportunities across multiple industries, and as those business partners grow, we want to continue to expand our presence while maintaining the same hospitable environment for companies of all sizes.”

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