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Founded in 2008, CCIA is a statewide, industry-led, industry-focused organization dedicated to promoting Colorado’s cleantech industry. CCIA impacts Colorado’s policies, people, products and programs that drive expansion of a cleaner, cheaper, more efficient and secure energy economy. Through advocacy, public policy leadership, development and education, CCIA works to ensure that Colorado is a global cleantech leader.

Board of Directors

CCIA’s Board of Directors is comprised of industry leaders from across Colorado’s clean technology landscape.

Our Staff

Learn more about CCIA’s staff and our part in fostering cleantech innovation in Colorado and beyond.

Our Publications

Colorado’s cleantech industry covers an amazing ecosystem of people, technologies and supporting organizations. Our publications connect you to some of the state’s highlights and provides industry overviews to guide examination and education of Colorado’s vibrant cleantech industry.

CCIA Foundation

The goal of the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association Foundation (CCIAF) is to extend the reach and scope of CCIA’s current educational programs and accelerate the pace of economic development in the cleantech sector.

Cleantech in Colorado

Colorado is leading the way in cleantech employment, R&D and investment.

We’ve done a lot over the years

Our past accomplishments have all started out with the main goal of helping our members.

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