Connecting the Commercial Vehicle Industry with
Technology Innovation

The Commercial Vehicle Cleantech Challenge is a product innovation showcase and catalyst for the discovery of new and innovative, clean technology solutions for today’s trucking industry challenges. There are no geographic restrictions or requirements for participating companies.

Transportation fleets are facing increasing social, regulatory, and financial pressure to reduce their environmental footprint. Solutions that focus on better mileage, electrification, automation, emissions and minimizing impacts help maintain and improve their social license to operate while also providing solutions to problems faced by the industry as a whole.

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How does the Commercial Vehicle Challenge help?


  • Industry leaders identify their most immediate technology gaps.
  • CCIA, CALSTART, and our international partners call for solutions from top innovators from across the globe.
  • Innovators enter a competitive vetting process.
  • 10-12 companies are selected to present to transportation companies in a private pitch session.


Connections to vetted, innovative companies who are looking to help transportation companies improve their operations.

2021 Commercial Vehicle Cleantech Challenge Recap Video

Commercial vehicle companies are looking for the following technologies:

Battery and drivetrain improvements and cost reduction

Including but not limited to: battery technology advancements, application of new materials, light-weighting, improvements to power electronics, thermal management systems and technologies, improved motor efficiencies, battery and drivetrain improvements and cost reduction, battery recycling and reuse technologies and processes,maximizing re-use of components between BEV, HEV and 48V mild hybrids, emergency vehicles HEV as power generation in distressed areas, switched reluctance motors improved controllability.



Infrastructure for BEV Charging

Including but not limited to: charging hardware and software, project management efficiencies, grid access and microgrid technologies, data collection and connected technology advancements, safety upgrades, and other ideas that increase the deployment and efficacy of electric vehicle charging for commercial vehicles, tools to use plugged-in BEV batteries in facility energy management.

Infrastructure for FCV Fueling

Including but not limited to: fueling equipment, project management efficiencies, access to renewable hydrogen, safety technologies, and other ideas that increase the deployment and efficacy of fuel cell vehicle fueling for commercial vehicles.

On-vehicle hydrogen performance and cost

Including but not limited to: on-board performance telematics hardware and software, cost reductions for hydrogen fuel cells and fuel delivery including novel means of utilizing batteries and blending of the various energies available on truck (hydrogen, electricity via plug-in or regenerative braking, etc.) air side efficiency improvements, hydrogen recirculation loop efficiency and controls.

Truck and trailer refrigeration

Including but not limited to: thermal management systems, mobile solar technologies, system and components solutions, trailer power generation, storage and transfer to/from tractor.

Vehicle automation & connectivity

Including but not limited to: innovations to dramatically improve asset utilization/uptime and safety, technologies to exploit the basic solutions improving the performance, ease of use and lower costs are needed.

Last mile truck productivity

Including but not limited to: hardware and software for electric delivery vehicles of all sizes, zoning software, delivery drones and robots and corresponding market/policy development,  innovative locker and home delivery ideas.

Driver attraction, retention, & health

Including but not limited to: innovative solutions that improve driver comfort, health and satisfaction are needed to attract the next generation of truckers, zero-emission technologies and products for hotelling during truck driver’s rest period.

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2021 Highlights

Congratulations to the 2021 winner of the Commercial Vehicle Cleantech Challenge, Lithion Recycling

2019 Highlights

Congratulations to the 2019 winner of the first Commercial Vehicle Cleantech Challenge, Havelaar!

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