AMG National Trust Bank

Founded in 1972 as a division of a private investment bank, AMG National Trust evolved into a national financial services organization with offices in Denver, Boulder, Chicago, Morristown and Virginia Beach. AMG National Trust Bank has over $4 billion of assets under management.


Opportunities for Success in Finance & Community Projects:

“We started investing thematically into distributed sustainable infrastructure opportunities starting in 2016. This was driven by our belief in the increasing deployment of these economically viable and sustainable solutions across energy, agriculture, waste, water and smart city segments and a lack of institutional capital to help grow these markets.  In the last 4 years, we have seen an increasing amount of opportunities across these segments with strong, better than market return opportunities.  Given the chaos that we are living through currently with COVID-19, it is our belief (and we are already hearing from market participants) on an increasing focus on local, and sustainable value chain across all industries.” – Trent Yang, Director, Private Equity, AMG Trust National Bank


Advice for Cleantech Entrepreneurs:

“This has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur in the cleantech and sustainability market segments.  The last 2 years have seen a real shift in corporate and consumer awareness and attitude on these solutions and the economic viability of these technologies have also improved dramatically.  That said, successfully scaling a cleantech company is still very different than a software company and requires, in many instances, strong technical capability combined with a ability to navigate a complex set of financing options (gov’t grants/R&D, corporate partnerships, angel and venture investments, project financing and debt) to quickly scale up solution to meet the ever growing demands in this market place.”


Exciting Advancements in the Next 3-5 Years:

“I’m most excited about economically sound solutions that will make a real difference in climate change as well as sustainable local, healthy food that is good for people and the environment.  While solar and wind will continue to dominate the total amount of money deployed overall, there are lots of new solutions cutting across power, vehicles, and industrial that will produce multi-billion $ opportunities and companies in the coming decade that are economically viable with growing market demand.  Furthermore, healthy local supply chain for food that is grown safely, and sustainably (for climate, water, and land) with high nutrition value will be a big growth market in the coming decade.”

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