Big Blue Technologies

Big Blue Technologies provides consulting and development services for high temperature chemical reactor engineering to support industrial applications in biofuels production, metals and ceramics synthesis, and other renewable energy projects. Their flagship project is a process technology to produce magnesium metal using 60% less energy than the dominant incumbent process. With this process innovation, BBT aims to elevate the status of magnesium from a niche metal to a material of global importance for applications in ultra-portability and increased vehicle and aircraft fuel economy for the purpose of meeting UN sustainability goals in material production and consumption.


Opportunities for Success in Metals and Materials:

“Magnesium metal’s opportunity for success is in the application of light-weighting. Magnesium is the strongest metal by weight (33% lighter than aluminum, 75% lighter than steel) which makes it ideal for virtually any product design that requires portability and high strength. Battery electric vehicles and aircraft are the best examples that could benefit immensely from more magnesium. Using more light-weight materials means increased range, or better fuel economy. Power tools and portable electronics are other good examples to maintain ruggedness with increased ease of use and transport.” – Aaron Palumbo Ph.D, President & CEO, Big Blue Technologies


A Word of Advice for Early-Stage Cleantech Entrepreneurs:

“For any early-stage cleantech entrepreneur, we would encourage them to find team members or contributors to complement your strengths and fill in your weaknesses. Entrepreneurship requires a balance of personalities: planning vs. executing, detail orientation vs. just-do-it attitudes, working in vs. on your business, etc. There is really no better feeling than knowing your team has your back.”


Exciting Advancements in the Next 3-5 Years:

“In the next 3-5 years, we should see more magnesium being used in vehicles and the industrial landscape of all metals is shifting to accommodate cleaner production practices. We want cheap infrastructure materials, but we don’t want to destroy the local environment to get it. Big Blue Technologies’ magnesium production process fits in nicely with this trend, reducing direct environmental impact of production while having an added downstream benefit of increasing fuel economy for vehicles and aircraft. We’re on track to commercially demonstrate our benefit to the manufacturing supply chain within this 3-5 year timeframe.”

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