Enbala has a single, defining passion — to make the world’s power grids greener and more reliable by harnessing the power of distributed energy.  This includes the load flexibility inherent in everything from residential water heaters to industrial processes, along with renewable energy such as wind and solar, electric vehicle service equipment, or battery storage.  Any energy source whose flexibility can be controlled is a potential resource for Enbala’s Concerto™ real-time energy balancing platform — a platform that is being used by utilities and energy retailers around the world to solve some of their biggest challenges.  Through the better management of distributed energy resources enabled by Enbala, reliance on fossil-fuel-based generation is minimized, greenhouse gasses are reduced, capital asset construction costs are minimized, problems of renewable intermittency are solved, grid efficiency and reliability are improved, new revenue generation opportunities are created, and stronger utility-customer partnerships are forged.

Opportunities for Success in Distributed Energy Resource Control:

The sheer number of customers investigating and adopting distributed energy resources such as rooftop solar, batteries to store the solar energy being generated, and electric vehicles is driving a tremendous shift in the way power is generated, managed, and consumed. With utilities and their customers both wanting to harness the benefits of distributed energy resources (DERs), the market growth in technologies to orchestrate and control them has been rapid and is expected to continue on this trajectory. In fact, Guidehouse Insights projects global annual revenue from DER capacity to grow from $172.5 billion in 2019 to $649.6 billion in 2028 at a compound annual growth rate of 15.9%. The opportunities are large, and we are very excited to be playing an important role as the industry leader in leveraging DERs to transition to a greener energy future.

A Word of Advice for Early-Stage Cleantech Entrepreneurs:

“The name Enbala was conceived by combining ENergy BALAnce because that’s what our software does — it keeps the world’s power grids in a constant state of reliable balance.  So “balance” is very important to us.  I’d have to say that my biggest advice for early-stage cleantech entrepreneurs also centers around balance — being balanced in all aspects of your business and also in maintaining a healthy equilibrium between your business and personal life.  Do your homework and market research, but also trust your instincts and intuitions.  Concentrate on sales, marketing and product development, but never forget that keeping your customers delighted is your number one priority. Be firm with your team and achieving your key performance indicators, but never forget the importance of empathy, compassion and kindness.  Shoot for the stars with your R&D and product development, but understand the importance of grounding yourself in achievable reality. Ask for advice, but stick with your convictions. Focus on your entrepreneurial goals, but never forget the importance of a healthy work-life balance.”

– Arthur “Bud” Vos, President and CEO, Enbala

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