Saoradh Enterprise Partners

“We invest in and build companies in clean energy, new mobility, advanced material and bio-material markets. Our team uniquely partners with innovators, corporations and entrepreneurs to commercialize valuable technologies that reduce environmental impacts. Our investments target new technologies that enhance the environment while displacing existing technologies in valuable segments of value chains for select focus areas. We leverage capital, our minds and a unique system-based approach to build companies with the innovators, entrepreneurs and corporate partners that drive their success.” – Ian Nelson, Associate, Saoradh Enterprise Partners


Opportunities for Success in Venture Capital:

“SEP focuses on four sectors including clean energy, new mobility, advanced materials and bio-materials. For these sectors we think significant disruptions in valuable segments of the supply chain are where successful startups need to focus.”


A Word of Advice for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs:

“The magic occurs at the intersection between new technology, valuable markets and finance. With those elements in-place, an entrepreneur and his or her team must bring a passion greater than the tough odds that will be faced in building a company.”


Exciting Advancements in the Next 3-5 Years:

“We see better technologies and materials for maturing renewable energy supply chains, energy storage for both mobile and terrestrial applications, and clean meat (with its significantly reduced environmental footprint compared with traditional sources) as exciting focus areas for the next three to five years.”

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