Farmbox Foods

Farmbox Foods is a developer and manufacturer of container farming solutions for hydroponic and gourmet mushroom farms, striving to decentralize food production.


Opportunities for Success:

” During these trying times, I see the demand for food security reaching levels we have never seen in the past. Consumers want to know where their food comes from and that it is safe and free of any viruses or diseases. We solve this problem by growing food in a totally clean & controlled environment system 365 days a year, regardless of the weather outside.” – Tony English, Visionary & Founder, Farmbox Foods


A Word of Advice for Early-Stage AgTech Entrepreneurs:

” Going forward, food safety is going to be a major concern for the average consumer. Make sure that you can provide good clean food–that is what the market wants and needs.”


Exciting Advancements in the Next 3-5 Years:


“I am most excited about how consumers are realizing the advantages of limiting their animal protein intake and are educating themselves on the benefits of incorporating more leafy greens and mushrooms into their diet. We have the world’s first mushroom farm in a shipping container that can grow 300-400 pounds of mushrooms per week 365 days a year. I am also very excited about the recent testing results of psychedelic mushrooms and the benefits they have to mankind for PTSD and stress reduction. The medical benefits are just being confirmed and I think this is the next “big thing” and is going to be much bigger than the cannabis/CBD market.”

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