Free Radical Ventures

Free Radical Ventures (FRV) is a Denver firm that provides seed funding for select energy tech and physics-based startups. FRV delivers a proven funding model, seasoned hands-on guidance, and a broad support network. We also love engaging, mentoring, and broadening the network of startups that we don’t have the bandwidth to support financially. Free Radical Ventures helps select early-stage E&P tech firms reach a growth trajectory and thrive.


Opportunities for Success in New Energy Space:

” The rapid evolution and disruption of energy generation, distribution, and consumption brings many opportunities. Specific potential that I’m following includes non-battery storage, digital glue, and advances in legacy sources such as geothermal and nuclear power” – Jim Thorson, CEO, Free Radical Ventures


A Word of Advice for Early-Stage Cleantech Entrepreneurs:

“There are three important things to keep in mind:

1. Cleantech startups are no different than any other industry – after all, you’re a

business first and a solution second.

2. Network Network Network! The front range of Colorado is a massive hub full of

resources for cleantech guidance, calibration, and validation. Take advantage of the

spirit to share insights among other entrepreneurs, funders, and those who have

successfully exited the field.

3. Validate Validate Validate! Go full Steve Blank on this – continually test and refine

your assumptions through marketplace engagement.”


Exciting Advancements in the Next 3-5 Years:

“I’m thrilled by the current prospects for the ultimate clean energy source – fusion.

The legacy pursuit of fusion energy is a massive contradiction: while never yet sustainably accomplished, it is a classic case of the innovator’s dilemma.

A new generation of privately-funded lean fusion startups has risen, including in Colorado: pursuing near-term results through tractable expectations, superconductivity, rapid prototyping, and advanced modeling.”

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