Geotech Environmental Equipment specializes in Contract and OEM Manufacturing of high-quality parts from virtually any material. Focused on delivering parts that meet customer specifications, Geotech machinists and plastic experts work with the latest technology while implementing the most modern techniques. With manufacturing capabilities that include machining, plastic extrusion, injection molding, and assembly – Geotech partners with small to large business to scale their manufacturing goals.
What’s New with Geotech:
The acquisition of Hi-Tec Plastics (2018) – increasing capabilities for thermoplastic extrusion and tooling size. Merging the two companies has allowed Geotech to be more competitive in the marketplace and expand part manufacturing markets. The addition of a ‘big green’ plastic injection molding machine, Geotech now offers a cost-effective way to make plastic parts to scale with consistent quality for low-to-high volume manufacturing. Molding offers a variety of materials, colors, and configurations – plus custom cosmetic, polish, and surface textures.
Project Highlights:
Geotech proudly serves business from many industries:
– Vestas – sustainable energy solutions, Geotech extrudes glue-catchers used in the production process of windmill blades.
– Orica – commercial explosives and blasting systems, Geotech injection molds a detonator-end and extruded tube used to improve perimeter blasting results.
Curious About Geotech?
Schedule a socially distancing safe tour of our 125,000 square-foot facility to learn if Geotech is the right manufacturing partner for your business.
Get in Touch:
Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc.
2650 East 40th Avenue
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