Solid Power

Solid Power is an industry-leading developer of next-generation, sulfide-based all solid-state batteries for mobile power applications, with a focus on electric vehicles. With considerably higher energy and greatly improved safety, Solid Power’s all solid-state batteries (ASSBs) have the potential to revolutionize future mobile power markets.


Established in 2012, Solid Power’s world-class team of battery researchers and engineers are engaged in both new material development and manufacturing scale-up in our Louisville-based facility.


Solid Power’s team and facility are pushing the boundary of ASSB performance and manufacturing scale. We work exclusively with ASSB materials that provide the best blend of performance and manufacturability. Our state-of-the-art research facility, combined with our MWh-scale roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing line, enables new material development and rapid transition to scale. Our team is heavily focused on meeting our customers’ and partners’ performance, manufacturing, and economic requirements thereby accelerating widespread e-mobility.


Opportunities for Success in Energy Storage:

” The age of electrification is here, and it is disrupting the transportation industry in a massive way. Automakers are introducing new electric vehicle options at a staggering rate, and EV sales have risen rapidly (from just over a million sold in 2017 to over two million in 2019). But, EVs still make up a small portion of all vehicle sales – 2-5% in most regions. With batteries currently making up nearly half of the cost of an electric vehicle, the energy storage market is key to providing new solutions that will drive the future of electrified mobility. We’re seeing traditional lithium-ion batteries hit their ceiling for energy density potential. As we continue to see innovations that decrease battery costs, increase battery safety features and allow electric vehicles to travel ever further on a single charge, we will see lower EV prices and increased EV adoption rates.” – Will McKenna, Marketing Manager, Solid Power.


A Word of Advice for Early-Stage Cleantech Entrepreneurs:

“I would encourage them to focus on building a strong team. Solid Power builds advanced batteries focused on the electric vehicle market, but I personally don’t make any batteries. I leave the “how” portion of our business to the true experts in the field. Find others who compliment you and your working style, give them the tools to succeed and get out of the way. Too many entrepreneurs get caught up in every nitty gritty detail, which is not sustainable or productive. Cleantech and cleantech hardware, is…hard. You can’t do it on your own. Bring in the right people to get the job done.”


Exciting Advancements in the Next 3-5 Years:

“During the next two-to-three years, Solid Power’s all solid-state battery will demonstrate full compliance with the automotive industry. During that time, Solid Power will be delivering full-scale prototypes to our automotive partners, which will set us up for true mass production. Once we reach this stage, Solid Power batteries will be used in automotive demonstrations prior to the holy-grail: vehicle start-of-production with Solid Power batteries powering the next generation electric vehicles.”

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